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Our Mission & Story
Moji & Margaret Solar-Wilson

Solar-Wilson Village was founded with a vision to provide a “Taste of Africa in the Heart of Texas.” The motivation and inspiration for the Solar-Wilson wedding venue and packages is driven by our walk as a Nigerian legally married lesbian couple and our  experience with homophobia and exclusion. When we got married in New York in 2017, vendors, wedding venue owners and officiating ministers refused to service our wedding because we were  lesbians. Against all odds, we persevered and stood strong through prejudice and discrimination from family, friends and perfect strangers. We eventually identified a small group of  allies who banded together to support  us and helped put together an amazing traditional African wedding ceremony. Following our wedding, our wedding photographs were sold to the African press and we became the target of brutal media assault in the African press which rapidly escalated into cyber-bullying, stalking and death threats.  We remain deeply in love and committed to each other. Adversity has only made our love  stronger. 

Our  experience with ignorance, homophobia and discrimination fueled our  determination and motivation to ensure that no-one else goes through a similar experience in seeking to openly celebrate their love and union.  Solar-Wilson Village offers a setting where all couples, regardless of ethnicity, race, gender, sexual orientation, religious or political affiliation can celebrate their love and union with authenticity in a welcoming and inclusive environment. We  cater to everyone, and especially LGBTQIA+ couples who are seeking an authentic African traditional wedding experience.  

Thank you for taking the time to review our wedding packages and please reach out to us with any questions. We look forward to serving you.

Moji & Margaret Solar-Wilson

Wedding Venue and Services: Event Spaces

Wedding Packages

Wedding Venue and Services: Products

Ankara Package

Exclusive use of the indoor event center and adjoining outdoor area (guest limit 50 guests)

Eight hours of event time

Valet  Parking for a total of 25 cars

Onsite dressing room for the bride

Additional onsite cabin rentals at a 20% discount (must be booked through AirBnB with sufficient notice required to ensure availability)

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